Saturday, May 23, 2009

Andrei Amirov

Andrei has been doing projects with the Contemporary Art Center before and seems very well versed in the idea of giving form to ideas. He will, however not be here most of the week, as he is traveling for an other project. However, he says that he wants to do something anyway and participate. He tells us about his work as a social worker and his feelings that he is always helping others while not really getting enough in return. He tells us, however, that with his friends he is completely different. That with his friends he just lets himself go and lets them take care of him, as he is aware of the imbalance. However, he adds that it doesn't seem to work fully, as he still feels a bit unsatisfied. I suggest that probably each relationship needs to have its own balance; that the time he spends with his friends probably can't make up for the lack he feels with the people he helps through his job. Also, it seems to me, that if he never gives the people he meets through his job, the people who seem nable to help themselves a chance to learn how to help him, which perhaps could be the perfect chance for them to learn how to help someone without them becoming dependent, they might never find a chance to learn to have balanced relationships themselves. So I would love to have him do a project in which he could have the people he’s helping through his job do something for him in return. He tells us the story of a woman who he helped in his work who once said that she would take him out to a pizzeria, but then it somehow never took place; that she never called him back although she said she would. But he agrees that it would be nice to do a project that addresses his situation and wants to think about it. However, this time this would be difficult, as he will be traveling. So he will think of something that addresses this issue in some other ways.

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