Saturday, May 23, 2009

Katja Shugaeva

Katja tells us that during the lecture she thought of a very repressed man who wants to free himself. We ask if this repressed man could be her. She says yes, she feels like that too because of all the things parents, teachers and friends tell her. She feels very trapped in a world between not being allowed to do something or having to do something. Do you think people mean bad with telling you what to do? That’s not what it’s about, she says, it’s just that she feels bad about having people always tell her what to do. She continues talking about this man and tells us that he would like to run away to a distant island. As we ask her what would happen on this island, what the man might do there all by himself, she has a blank. I suggest that the group should help her to find out what freedom might mean for this man. In the group she presents the same idea and together they find a more defined form for the project. Dressed up in a suit with tie to represent this man, she now wants to address people in the streets and invite them, to help her liberation process, by writing down things they themselves felt forced to do on an a roll of masking tape. After writing those phrases she would then ask the people to wrap them around her body. She would keep inviting people to do this until she would be completely tied down and unable to move at all. Then she would start asking passers by to liberate her to make society, which first constricted her also do that liberation work for her.

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