Monday, May 25, 2009

Andrei Nosov and Andrei Amirov

The next day the two Andreis come in and introduce their joint idea and tell us that they would like to do a joint project, one in Nizhniy and one in Saratov, where Andrei Amirov is traveling to the following day and will stay until Sunday. They both have lived in Nizhniy all their lives and seem to have lost their appreciation for this beautiful place! Andrei Amirov who sometimes feels like he is losing himself a bit in helping people really needs to do a project which questions that very action. 

The idea is that each of them will hold a city tour in each of the two cities at the same time of approximately the same duration. However, Andrei Amirov in Saratov would be holding a city tour about Nizhniy talking about very specific sights and buildings of Nizhniy and this in great detail! This, while pointing at buildings and sights Satartov. Andrei Nosov, however will be here in Nizhniy and will lead us around Nizhniy, while talking about Saratov. This very absurd situation would really create a great sense of confusion in each of the listener’s mind, and people passing by would really be wondering whether they themselves had either drunk too much or too little Vodka! J  We all love the idea and are extremely excited!!!

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