Saturday, May 23, 2009

Valentin Perenizvic

Valetin, who seems like a very sensitive quiet person, responds to my question of what he thought or felt during my lecture that he liked my talk very much and that it reminded him of Buddhist texts he had read in the past. He tells us that the last project which I showed them, the project Happy Death and Birth into Now, which demonstrates an individual, who is completely wrapped up in her thoughts, entirely trapped in her society dream (shown in the piece as her sewn into an installation resembling a spider web). 

As I ask him how he feels himself and how see sees himself mirrored in this image, he tells us that he himself often feels trapped in his silence; that he used to be silent to not disagree with people but then started to get used to this state and lost the courage to speak up completely. We suggest that he should do a project in which he has to speak up and break the silence. Later in the group he tells us the situation which happens to him from time to time, when playing with a band and he ends up playing music which he doesn't even like, just to support and please the others. Then he suggests a project in which he could start out with playing music he rally hates but then slowly changing to the music he loves and with it also his facial expression would transform to more chereful. Unfortunately, that was the last time we ever saw him and we are left wondering how it would ave been for him to break the silence.

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