Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Wishing Well: Julia Novikova

Julia Novikova's project is to bring a wishing well to Nizhniy Novgorod: She wants to be an angel in the streets carrying a magical mirrored box around into which people she meets, can toss their wishes. Every time someone is ready to throw the piece of paper onto which he or she has written a wish, Julia raises the box so that in the moment of tossing the wish, the person is faced with his or her own reflection, as an indicator, that really only oneself can ever make one's wish come true! 

This project is one I am especially excited about. Above all, as she at the beginning of the workshop claimed that she was someone without her own images, but could only describe things, she had seen somewhere else before to describe her feelings.

After a great deal of discussions, whether she should dress up as an angel or just be herself, she ends up wearing her own clothes, but throws in some adorable angel wings; the kind, a little girl would wear in a school play. With her cute skirt and her perfectly white socks, she goes around the streets to introduce herself as the angel, who is here to help their wishes come true. 

Many write down their dreams and some who want to write BMW get all caught up in arguments with their friends about the right spelling. 

Many people are excited to make their contribution. 

These girls with the white flowers in their hair, have just graduated from high school.
In the moment a person is about to throw a wish into the slot of this magical box, Julia raises the box, so that the luck seeker's face reflected. 

This shocking confrontation hits one in the face with the statement, that no one besides oneself can ever make one's wish come true.

Certainly I also want to place my wish and although, I was prepared of every aspect of this project, I am truly shocked when suddenly my own face is thrown right into my face. This is such an intense experience with a long lasting effect. I walk on thinking about it for a long time!

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