Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Mirror of Childhood Fears: Nadja Lebedeva

Nadja's project is meant to help people confront their childhood fears, a burden, many people carry around for most of their lives. Dressed as an artist from a bygone era, she goes up to people and asks them to help her draw or sculpt an illustration of their fears. Then, after the ghost has been named, it is up to the person to say what should happen with the representation of it.

As I was very curious how Nadjas’s experience of meeting people NOT through her vast knowledge of words in various languages, but through drawing people’s childhood fears would be, I am very excited to walk up to a entire crowd of people where she is stationed. 

Nadja, has brought along an array of utensils along, to be ready for any need the interpretation of those fears could ask for. Plenty of people are in need of an opportunity to tell their stories in great detail. 

A young man elaborates on descriptions of the headmaster of his high school, who must have been a very intimidating figure. Together, they draw her portrait and make great fun of it. 

One woman tells about her fear of darkness while an other tells her of a terrible dream. 

What happens with the artwork inspired by those stories is entirely up to the person sharing the experience, but in any case, it should help the purifying and liberating process. 

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