Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Communicator: Anna Tolkacheva

Anna Tolkacheva's project is based on the idea of a communicator. Inspired by Masha, my interpreter's position, Anna realized that she would like to do a project which would help people in Nizhniy communicate things, they don't easily manage to get past their lips.
Anna's idea consists of her going up to a random person in the streets of Nizhniy and ask him or her if they could help her with something she has a hard time letting go of; that there is a certain phrase that she would like to tell someone specific, but for various reasons she is unable to say this particular message to this particular person. Anna would now like to say this particular phrase this person, she just met, him or her being a random coice, to practise saying it and to let it go, and also in hope to eventually get back the answer she has been waiting for, for so long. After saying her phrase, Anna then invites this person to say a phrase of their own to her; a phrase, which they needed to communicate, but couldn't, and she would then take this phrase and bring it to the next random person.

After having gone up to the next person, Anna would then only say the phrase she just heard from the last person, and then in turn invite this new person to give her a new phrase which she would then carry to the next person. 

Anna would do this action until she finds a person who happens to say what she herself is looking for; an answer to her own phrase with which she had started the whole project.

Anna can now be found on the square outside the Nizhniy Contemporary Art Center. 

After offering the person she just approached an opportunity to relieve her mind as well, she thanks her and walks on to take her phrase to the next person. 

In that way, she is giving the people and also herself a chance to practice, what seems too hard to do and perhaps, if the phrases travel long enough, they might end up at last with the persons they were meant for in the first place.

To me the simplicity and purity of this project are really wonderful and I am very excited when I hear later, that the mere act of performing such a service in the streets had filled Anna with tremendous joy. In fact, later, as she walks into her university for class with a bright beaming smile, she gets asked by her classmates, whether she had already found out about marvelously good grades from her final exams, which, as we know was not the reason for her happiness.

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